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Get the pulse of the cloud financial management practice and understand the challenges and best approaches of building out a FinOps team in your own organization.

With the release of the first ‘State of FinOps’ report we will be diving into the data and understanding the real-world challenges focusing on how to build out a FinOps practice and gaining executive sponsorship. We will also be covering how to speed up the adoption of FinOps in your organization and how to help teams take action to tackle cloud waste.

Join the expert panel from the FinOps Foundation and Apptio who are experienced in helping hundreds of customers and members across the globe tackle a variety of FinOps challenges.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the key points from the State of FinOps 2021 with an expert point of view from the FinOps Foundation.
  • Hear how organizations are building out their FinOps practice to help scale their public cloud environments in an ever-changing multi-cloud world.
  • Get answers to key questions around building a FinOps practice, such as how big should it be? Where should it sit within your organization and who should sit in the team?
  • Understand how Apptio Cloudability complements FinOps best practices helping to tackle cloud waste and develop a FinOps mindset.


J.R. Storment
Executive Director, FinOps Foundation 

J.R. is executive director of the FinOps Foundation (a program of the Linux Foundation), co-author of O'Reilly's book on cloud financial management called "Cloud FinOps, Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management", and was formerly the co-founder of Cloudability which was acquired by Apptio. He has spent the last 25 years building web platforms and the last 10 working with hundreds of the largest cloud spenders in the world to design strategies to optimize and analyze their cloud financial management discipline.

Alex Hullah
Director of Cloud for EMEA at Apptio Cloudability

Alex is the Director of Cloud for EMEA at Apptio Cloudability and an active member of the FinOps Foundation and Kubernetes special interest group. Alex joined Apptio Cloudability in 2018 to support practitioners in balancing the tradeoff between speed, quality and cost, when managing their rapidly evolving cloud environments. Prior to joining Cloudability Alex worked at Apptio & IBM helping establish the TBM discipline in Europe and providing clients with effective IT supply chain visibility and optimization.

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