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A Virtual Wine-Tasting Roundtable hosted by Apptio and Blazeclan.
  • What are the common pitfalls of unexpected cloud costs and how to avoid that?
  • What have been the primary goals of your Cloud Financial Management initiatives? For example has it been around reducing cloud bills, governance requirements or realising business value.
  • What approaches have brought the biggest returns on reducing cost and do they tend to involve engineers taking an action?
  • What have been your most effective strategies for allocating costs and driving out financial accountability? Are these strategies broadly applicable?
  • What are the practical approaches to optimize your cloud spend and make trusted cloud investment decisions?
*This roundtable is by invitation only.


Nathan Besh Nathan Besh
Senior Director, Product Management and Technical Evangelism

Nathan has worked in Cloud technologies for over a decade helping customers from startups to enterprises transform their business by adopting the cloud & associated technologies.

He was one of the early pioneers in Cloud Financial Management, building systems at AWS to allow customers to gain insights into their cost and usage data, and provide solutions for commitment-based discounting.

More recently he has specialized in developing the best practices in the cloud, and helping customers to understand and implement them, being the author of the AWS Well-Architected Cost Optimization whitepaper and Well-Architected labs, and presenting at industry events across the globe. Working now at Apptio in product management and technical evangelism, he continues his passion of helping customers to solve the financial challenges of the cloud through best-in-class products and education.

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