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In a climate of uncertainty, tightening budgets, shifting priorities, wage inflation and supply chain concerns, many tech organizations are asked to rethink their investment plans, and optimize IT cost and unit economics to fund transformation and innovation.
More than ever, businesses need their tech organizations to adopt a commercial mindset and fact-based decision making to optimise strategic investment, resource allocation, cloud, unit economics, and non-discretionary run costs, ensuring profitable growth and value.
Join our webinar to learn how Technology Business Management (TBM) enables faster, more accurate and agile decision insight, planning and transparency across the business.
You’ll also learn more about:
  • Turning data into your strongest asset
  • Thriving in rapidly changing environments
  • Driving value conversations and trade-offs with facts


Jack Bischof
Jack Bischof
VP, Europe & Middle East
TBM Council
Greg Holmes
Greg Holmes
AVP Solutions
Lisa Scrimger
Lisa Scrimger
Head of Business Planning & Insights

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